Fresno Housing Authority



The Fresno Housing Authority joint boards of commissioners make decisions that govern Fresno Housing, which provides housing for nearly 50,000 low-income residents throughout Fresno County. Fresno Housing is governed by 14 commissioners, seven of whom are appointed as city commissioners and seven as county commissioners.

Meetings usually occur at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1260 Fulton Street in Fresno. They are also available to join by Zoom.

Who are the Fresno Housing Commissioners: City Board-

Adrian Jones, Chairperson Stacy Vaillancourt, Vice Chair

Caine Christensen, Commissioner

Sabrina Kelley, Commissioner

Sharon Williams, Commissioner

Ruby Yanez, Commissioner

Vacant, Commissioner

County Board-

Cary Catalano, Chairperson

Nikki Henry, Vice Chair

Joey Fuentes, Commissioner

Valori Gallaher, Commissioner

Sophia Ramos, Commissioner

Stacy Sablan, Commissioner

Vacant, Commissioner

(As of June 2022)


By Trong Yang 11/15/2022