Return to City Council - Budget Public Hearing
Live reporting by Anton Johnson
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Good evening, I’ll be live-tweeting tonight’s city budget hearing for @oma_documenters

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06:30 PM Aug 8, 2023 CDT

Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 2/25
Speakers will have three minutes for testimony, and the City Council will use a light system to warn speakers when their time is up
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You can find the 2024 recommended budget and 2024-2029 Capital Improvement Program here:…
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 4/25
Starting with proponents, Nancy Hintz from the Nebraska Humane Society thanked the city for partnering to care for animals
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 5/25
Rebecca Barrientos-Patlan thanked the City Council for working for South Omaha without a District 4 representative
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 6/25
Barrientos-Parlan said the police department should bring back the nuisance task force
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 7/25
The first opponent is Doug Kagan from Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom. Kagan said there is some good in the budget, but there’s still spending that could be cut.
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 8/25
Kagan said the money that will go to the streetcar could instead go to a tax decrease
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 9/25
Opponent Linda Borz said the cut to the property tax levy is “minuscule” compared to increasing property valuation
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 10/25
She also said a pay increase for police officers is necessary, but it shouldn’t be higher than other similarly sized cities bc cost of living isn’t as high in Omaha
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 11/25
Dennis Schleiz said his property tax bill will still go up despite the tax levy cut, and asked the city to decrease the levy more
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 12/25
Kyra Britt said she doesn’t support the amount of money going to the Nebraska Humane Society. She said she supports their work, but they dont spend their money correctly
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 13/25
Britt is also opposed to the budget increase for Omaha police. She said the city should reallocate more to education and public services like parks and libraries
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 14/25
She added that the city needs to do more for the unhoused population
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 15/25
Larry Storer asked that they spend money improving the sound system in the legislative chambers
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 16/25
Storer said he’d be opposed to any reductions to the police budget
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 17/25
Isabella Manhart, a resident of District 4, said it isn’t fair that they are penalized for not having a representative. They asked that the vote in the budget be delayed until District 4 has a representative
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 18/25
Manhart said that climate isn’t mentioned in the budget, and the city needs to get the climate action plan ready soon
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 19/25
There are only seven officers for mental health coresponse, so if they increase the police budget it should go to provide that 24/7, Manhart said
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 20/25
Lawrence Shackman said the city needs to provide funding for a spay-neuter center to control the community cat population
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 21/25
Gab Rima said funding for the implementation of the climate action plan isn’t in the budget, meaning it won’t be funded until next fiscal year
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 22/25
Rima said extreme cold temperatures in the winter are dangerous for unhoused people, so the city needs to fund more services
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 23/25
Our last speaker, opponent Luis Jimenez said there should be more urban design like trees between curbs and sidewalks. He also said the city should partner more with the county on mental health
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 24/25
Jimenez said the city should also look at more options for addressing traffic downtown
Anton Johnson @AntonIsWriting 25/25
Meeting adjourned at 7:01 pm