Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023
5:30 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. EDT

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Edited and summarized by the Detroit - MI Documenters Team

Note-taking by chandler vaughan

In public comments, complaints about lack of bilingual education and English-only text notices to parents.

Live reporting by Ashley Williams

In public comments, complaints about lack of bilingual education and English-only text notices to parents.

Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue
Hey Detroiters!👋I’ll be live-tweeting today's @Detroitk12 Board Meeting for #DETdocumenters at 5:30 PM.
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04:12 PM Sep 12, 2023 CDT

Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 3/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit ‼️ IMPORTANT: If you believe anything in the coverage tonight is inaccurate, please email us at with "Correction Request" in the subject line.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 5/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit The board honors the memory of two individuals as well as 9/11 with a moment of silence.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 6/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit The student presentation tonight is the color guard from Mumford High School.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 7/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit The agenda has been approved as presented. The minutes (as listed below) have also been approved.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 8/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit The chair expresses excitement for the beginning of the school year, and celebrates 2,000 new students within DPSCD. Says thank you to volunteers and partners who have donated backpacks, supplies, uniforms, etc.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 9/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Recognizes the jazz bands of DPSCD who performed during the Jazz Festival in Detroit last weekend, and thanks directors and parents and others for their support.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 10/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Renaissance (top 100) and Cass Tech were among schools ranked as top in the state.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 11/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next up is the finance report, given by Jeremy Vidito, Chief Financial Officer.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 13/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit There are still expenses that need to be reimbursed, which would contribute to revenue. Currently, DPSCD has 24 weeks of availalbe cash.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 16/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti 21-22 school year is viewed as the new baseline. Goal for the 22-23 school year was to show improvement from baseline year, and exceed data from pre-pandemic. Pre-pandemic year baseline was the 18-19 school year.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 17/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti As shown below, in most instances, DPSCD is improving at a faster rate than the state and city charter schools.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 18/88
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 19/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti The data below compares last year's scores to pre-pandemic years. A concern in education right now is learning loss due to the pandemic. The below chart shows that DPSCD is narrowing learning loss at a faster rate than other schools.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 20/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Making major improvements in literacy (highest levels to date), but per @Dr_Vitti there still is room to improve, scale and accelerate.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 21/88
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 22/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Simiarly, the impact is even greater for high school students who miss less than 9 days per school year.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 24/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Dr. Vitti thanks teachers and staff for their committment to student achievement. Anticipates this year's results will surpass 18-19 school year levels.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 25/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Board member says that "it is quite alarming the impact chronic absenteeism" has on student success.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 26/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti "Trying to abandon what typical publishers produce because it doesn't necessarily connect with our average student," says Dr. Vitti. Trying to promote more African American studies at the middle school level - "a lot of good momentum" in this area.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 27/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Budgeted target for enrollment is 48,200, and currently have 51,700 with about 90% having attended school so far. 70 teacher vacancies. Will start to balance enrollment in the next few weeks and will shift personnel as needed.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 28/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Big opportuity for Montessori schools. Need to get Edmonson fully enrolled, and then will fill adjacent building and Palmer Park. Will revisit for the board in upcoming months.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 29/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Dominque Hubbard is recognized for her artwork titled "Detroit Eyes" which will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 30/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Domnique recognizes her teacher too, for pushing her to apply for this program and supporting her throughout the process. You can read more about, and see Dominique's work here.…
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 31/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti Next, Steven Hall is also recognized for winning the Boys Basketball Coach of the Year recognition. He is not present, but will be joining the meeting soon.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 33/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti #1: With Littlefield Community Association, asks the board for help/support for the continuation and develpoment of the park and skate park. Outlines the variety of programming that goes there. Has recieved funding for the skate park - want to build next to basketball court.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 34/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti #1 cont.: Want to include the students from the adjacent school in the process to teach them about development of this type.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 35/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti #2: DPSCD alum and parent - active volunteer at FLICS. Thanks the teachers and staff at FLICS, and asks for a round of applause for DPS. Says no school distrist is perfect, but acknowledges it as a work in progress.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 36/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti #3: President of Littlefield Comm Assoc; asks for collaboration to embrace the change that is happening in the community. Comments about @BrilliantD313 hub in the neighborhood, and the impact they are making.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 37/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #4: Recently asked to complete a payroll timesheet, currently at least 3 ways ancillary staff are required to report their time. Is the board aware, and do you agree with the procedures? Would like to offer solution of 1 digital way to record time.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 38/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 A brief interuption in public comment to recognize the men's basketball team from Cass Tech!
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 39/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #5: Shares parent issues - student at Western High School in wheelchair, can't get to class because elevator is broken and his classes are on 3rd floor. Testing in English is causing students to be misdiagnosed. Students are not recieiving billingual education, text comms to
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 40/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #5 cont.: parents are also not billingual, so parents can't read them. Says there is a need for billingual education, teachers, parents, and students.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 41/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #6: Lifelong Detroiter from Eastside, proud DPSCD alum from King HS. Watched communities transform and lose resources. Says this administration has put effort toward giving resources to the schools that need them. Says he was apart of an after school program last year that
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 42/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #6 cont.: offered 1000 children enrichment programs and meals. Says parents really appreciate these types of programs, and recognizes the impact these programs and resources have.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 43/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #7: Says DPSCD is about dismantling billingual education, and says the Hispanic civil rights org he is a part of is not afraid of litigation. Says the White House has an initiative to reinvigorate billingual education as there is a growing number of Hispanic students.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 44/88
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 45/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #9: Wonderful to hear a balance of types of public comment, says that with the financial investments being made within the district, happy to see the improvements being made. Asks what is the plan for summer school next summer, and criticizes the board for viewing
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 47/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #10: Wants to express grievance with 22-23 evaluation cycle. Views her experience as unfair, can't see herself continuing to work for a district who won't take her case seriously.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 48/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #11: Another individual shares concern about lack of billingual education at DPSCD. "Appalled that we are going back to the days where billingual education was not served." Asks for communication from DPSCD to parents is offered in multiple languages.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 49/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #12: Thanks Vitti and staff for working with DFT regarding the contract. Does the board have an attendance policy for students? Noticated in Hamtramck they have Narcan available, asks if DPSCD also has that available.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 50/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #12 cont.: Need places accessible to students who are overage for their education level, such as alternative programs.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 51/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #13: Stand in solidarity with DFT; recieved notification today that they need to sign a contract. Agree to most roles and responsibilities, but not all. Says this is not in alignment with good faith bargaining with DFT. Says communication is important.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 52/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #14: Says there are 5 ways to "sign-in"; asks why should educated professional do all of this extra reporting - says they are DFT just like everyone else, why are they being singled out?
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 53/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #15: Says she intended to talk about radiation, and the reading lawsuit, but instead would like to talk about how the board members get paid $250/meeting and would like to know how much each board member has gotten, and how many meetings they have attended.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 54/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #16: Asks that when a taskforce is set up, that they have meetings at the school so that there is transparency and people can be involved and informed.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 55/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #17: Follow up on email sent on Aug 30 about Bates Academy. Did receive some response to her concerns regarding the construction, however says there are a few oustanding issues including air quality, dumpster placement is a safety issue, etc.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 57/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #18: Says granddaughter came home from school yesterday with her jacket cut up. Went to the school today to speak with the principal, says she didn't know the principal changed, and he dismissed her, saying he didn't have time. Very upset.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 58/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #19: Filled out application for Montessori school, but did not hear anything for placement until 2-3 days prior to school starting. Had already pursued backup plan by then.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 59/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #20: Following up from last month's meeting - had complaints last month regarding enrollment and wanted to thank for the follow up. Also says would like to see the district prepare students earlier for testing, to combat anxieties around testing.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 60/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #21: Detroiter and DPSCD teacher - asks to reinstate COVID protocol including masks, testing, etc. Says teachers are 25% more likely to contract COVID than other professions. Can email to sign the petition.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 61/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 Have hit the hour mark of public comment. Continuing public comment requires a motion by the board. Motion passes.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 62/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #22: Social worker and wants to speak of the large case loads she is experiencing. Cap is supposed to be a 40 cases per social worker, but she has around 70 cases assigned to her. Concerned about budget given to ancillary staff, not comparable to teachers.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 64/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #23: Academic interventionists are salaried, and would like to be respected as such. Some are not placed in a space that is sufficient to do their jobs - feels this should be made a priority. Asks for this to be investigated with an open mind.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 65/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #24: Concerned about COVID and the lingering impact is has on children and within the school system. Says that these cannot be ignored, and that the district should have a mitigation plan. Asking for an expansion of virutal education opportunities.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 66/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #25: Parent of 2nd grader at Burton International Academy; happy there is an increase of male staff, important for male influence on children. Says it's important for male parents/caregivers to also feel comfortable paricipating and volunteering.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 67/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #25 cont.: Asks for funding to be put toward extra curricular activities to help children grow personally.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 68/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #26: Teacher at Western (7th year, 23 years total); has following questions:
- Who said the current contract is what is deserved, nothing more?
- Who had "sticker shock" at one of the salary proposals? (Says Vitti's 10% salary increase outpaces inflation)
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 70/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 #27: Can we create a district policy to cancel school activities on days of board meetings, and offer students service hours for attending meetings? Asks if it is possible that we can reimplement a bus system.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 72/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - Need to revisit systems/processes around time tracking; put in place for staff traveling between buildings.
- Stipend for supplies was reduced; relied on COVID funding to increase it. Went from $200 to $100.
- Littlefield park -- think DPSCD already agreed to building the park
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 73/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - Need to sit down and review what the district is doing to support billingual students; says these are rumors and just need to get in the same room and have a discussion/address concerns
- Building a newcomer program at Western; want it to be the first and then eventually expand
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 74/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - 41 students on waitlist for Montessori; can't vacate seats at those schools until a student doesn't arrive or they receive communication a student won't be coming
- Only the board can decide how to use the literacy lawsuit funds; can take recommendations from mutliple groups
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 75/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - Can't legally use funding until recommendations are receieved from the taskforce
- There is an attendance policy, but it is broad. Conversations about strengthening it.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 76/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - AIs do have the same benefits as other salaried employees.
- Debate is offered at all schools, challenge related to having a teacher lead. Chess is also offered.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 77/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - State/city monitors construction at schools, would shut down if unsafe. Cocerns raised however are legitimate and teachers/staff are trying to manage. Sense of urgency, but always inline with health code.
- ACT/SAT - offer elective prep courses, focus on being college ready
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 78/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - Elevator concern - 4 schools have had constant elevator problems; put thousands of dollars into repairing elevators repeatedly; will continue to put money toward fixing until they can be replaced
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 79/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 - Negotiations - bargaining process is private, look at budget and try to define what can afford; based on DFT's preferences, changes can be made/negotiated. Try to protect the process.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 80/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 That concludes public comment. The board will now move into closed session to consider (i) personnel action at employee(s) request; and (ii) a written legal opinion.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 82/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 The board approves the recommendation of the superintendent as it relates to Terminations for Cause.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 83/88
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 87/88
@Detroitk12 @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit @Dr_Vitti @BrilliantD313 @Dr_Vitti announces that the classrooms at Western have been repositioned so that the student in a wheelchair will be able to attend classes.


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Detroit Public Schools Community District

Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) is Michigan’s largest public education system. It is governed by a locally-elected, seven-member board. The District’s mission is to provide every student with a beneficial and rightful educational experience, preparing students to be career and college ready, and qualified to compete in the global market. The District has 106 schools and educates 50,000 children.


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